About Us

Comprehensive Home Care Solutions Tailored

At Foundations Senior Service, we’re deeply attuned to the complexities that come with aging. We recognize that caring for an aging loved one not only demands time but can also emotionally weigh on families as they navigate the increasing challenges.
With us by your side, family members can transition back to their cherished roles: be it a daughter, son, wife, husband, or any relative, reconnecting with their loved ones without the constant weight of caregiving.

Our caregiving team, renowned for their compassion and expertise, specializes in assisting those who grapple with medical, physical, psychiatric, or developmental challenges. Their aim? To elevate the quality of life for every individual in their care.

Our hard-earned reputation stems from our unwavering commitment to tackle the most challenging situations head-on. Whatever the circumstance, rest assured, we have navigated it before and stand ready to assist.

A Glimpse Into Our Caregiving Activities:

We provide a broad spectrum of services to those seeking guidance, safety, and support, all while promoting maximum independence in a comfortable, familiar environment. Whether it's the family home, shared housing, or independent living communities, our caregivers are adept at serving clients wherever they call home. Our caregiving services aim to add to your life and wellbeing.

Personalized Care

Every individual has distinct needs. Our assessment process ensures that care plans are tailored to meet and exceed those needs, promoting overall well-being.

Care Professionals

Our dedicated team of caregivers undergo rigorous training and continuous education to provide the highest level of care. Their passion and commitment shine.

24/7 Support

Your peace of mind is crucial to us. With our round-the-clock support, there’s always someone available to assist or address any concerns.

Innovative Home Care Solutions

We continually adapt and integrate the latest in home care practices and technology, ensuring the best for our clients.

Foundations Senior Service can expect:

Respite Care

A much-needed break for family caregivers to recharge.


Building genuine connections to combat feelings of isolation.

Personal Care:

Attending to daily personal needs, ensuring comfort and dignity.

Hygiene Assistance

Helping maintain personal cleanliness and grooming.

Meal Planning & Preparation

Nutritious meals tailored to dietary needs.

Light Housekeeping

Keeping living spaces clean, tidy, and comfortable.

Laundry Assistance

Ensuring clean clothes and linens are always available.

Medication Reminders

Keeping living spaces clean, tidy, and comfortable.

Errand Assistance

Reliable help for grocery shopping, appointments, and more.


Positive Reviews From Our Customers

The Foundations Senior Service made the transition to assisted living for my father seamless. Their expertise in assisted living placement ensured we found the perfect community that met his needs and preferences. The caring team made this challenging time easier for our family.

Alex Williams, CA Customer

From the moment we contacted The Foundations Senior Service, they have been responsive and attentive. Their client-centered approach means that every aspect of care is tailored to the individual. Our family highly recommends their services.

Randall Turner, NY Customer

As a family caregiver, I was feeling overwhelmed until I found The Foundations Senior Service. Their caregiver support program has been a lifeline. They truly understand the challenges and needs of family caregivers and provide invaluable assistance.

Michael Brooks, MI Customer